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Sedar Curtains

Fulfill your home decor ideas with Sedar global’s collection of curtains that have been crafted for each home style.


Window Curtains

Curtains are available in a number of style options, from pinch pleat to pencil pleat, with various finishes.


Blackout Curtains

If you’re sensitive to light and need a good night’s sleep, we can add lining fabric that is a blackout to make your room darker.

Sheer Curtain

Sheer curtains give a highly elegant look and are quite attractive and rather useful for people seeking privacy.


Ikea Curtain

Change the look and feel of any room with the wide range of curtains from IKEA that suit every style of interior decor.


Customized Curtain

We offer best quality
specially designed
custom-made curtains.


Home Curtain

We can help you with custom curtains whether you have planned or seeking inspiration.


Hotel Curtain

If you have already chosen your over-drape fabric, we can add a blackout lining to this layer.


Service Lift Curtain

Our specialist drapes are hung onto the walls of your elevator to provide a shielding layer to absorb impact.


Motorized Curtain

With our motorized systems, you can control all your curtains easily via your smartphone.


Lift Protection Pad

An Elevator Pad is more than a means of protecting interior elevator cab walls.


Ring Curtain

The length of a curtain rod, along with the width or fullness of the drapery panels determines the total number of drapery rings.

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Shades are something beyond window dressing for the parlor. The right plan decision not just changes your stylistic theme, it likewise gives security and controls regular light. Be they sheer, bistro or even power outage shades, here are a few thoughts on picking the right drape style for your lounge room.

As demonstrated by their name, sheer shades are very straightforward and loan a breezy and roomy feel to a room. You have some control over the degree of transparency by picking thicker textures or more profound shades. They come in various textures like silk, net or even trim, plain or designed. Here, dark self-decorated texture has been utilized to cover the bended windows.

Draperies are a critical piece of our style however in the event that there’s just a single sort of shade in your stylistic layout word reference, now is the ideal time to find out about the wide assortment of decisions accessible on the lookout.

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Power outage drapes are not dark in variety but rather are called so as a result of their capacity to prevent any light from going through. Produced using froth supported misty materials, they can immediately change day into night.

Furthermore, that is not everything, they can likewise assist with controlling commotion levels and work as separators – keeping the hotness caught in winters and light out in summers. Here, sheer shades have been joined with blue power outage draperies.

Level board drapes are unlined draperies, generally designed, with slight assembles. Made of cotton, cloth or comparable light-weight textures, they are low support and can be washed in your machine. Here, a paper print drape in monochrome shades of dark and dim has been utilized. What’s more, because of the strong advanced print and the thick texture, it shut out light also.

The cloudy drapes are produced using lightweight materials, which makes them simple to utilize. They are sufficiently straightforward to give light look access your kitchen while likewise giving a touch of protection. Accessible in delicate tones and agile plans, these sheer shades quietly add to the kitchen’s flawlessness.

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You might find numerous assortments of window drapes. however, the best is the one which suits your home insides. You can likewise go to Best Home Accessories to get data about the best items.

If you have any desire to enliven your home with Curtains For Bedroom Windows With Designs Yet, on the off chance that your home insides are having various shades of varieties, all things considered, you ought to pick the best Window draperies of a similar variety to make it drawing in And besides guarantee the surface arranges the room.

One Heavier and lighter in thickness. Heavier textures go delightfully with conventional stylistic theme while moderate stylistic theme goes with textures like cotton and material. Velvet is for the most part thought to be weighty fabric. It has its own sheen and non-abrasiveness. For an extravagant look and feel. Inside creators search for velvet texture a great deal.

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Assuming your room has gleaming Metal, stone and polished finish to wood put it all on the line definitely. Velvet will not dishearten you.

For instance, assuming that you see the picture, the room follows a moderate plan, which utilizes a white drapery texture with slim blue stripes at the base. Presently for the other picture where we have a more rich and excellent look, the velvet drapes are a terrific decision.

Assuming that you are a novice in the realm of configuration/drapes or home styling, the most secure way is to go for colors as your divider conceals or your furniture since then you don’t cause a lot to notice them and it turns into a piece of your divider or furniture.

On the other hand, assuming that you believe the curtains should be the center choose a little theme plan or example to suit your plan.

Own preference for draperies is going for an unpretentious variety for rooms. The bolder the variety is, there are higher the possibilities of mistake in the look and feel of the shade for your home.

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